The Use of Impactors in the UK has Significantly Increased in Recent Years & RUBBLE MASTER is Leading This Change. Why?

The technology behind impactors has come a long way and RUBBLE MASTER is a clear example of this. Starting 25 years ago, RUBBLE MASTER is now at the leading edge of impactor innovations. The RUBBLE MASTER pride in their brand is evident as the development and design improvement is what they specialise in. RUBBLE MASTER, under the leadership of Gerald Hanisch, spend every working day looking at how they can better their product to provide for an ever-increasing market. To quote Gerald, “processing mineral materials is more than business to us, it is a way of life”.

With low running costs and high volumes an impactor is the perfect machine to process numerous different applications. For example, if you take RUBBLE MASTER RM 70GO! at just 19.5 tonnes this machine will process 150 tonnes of C&D waste per hour. These are volumes that you would struggle to achieve with nearly all 30-tonne jaw crushers.

How many times do we hear people asking how heavy is the crusher? Is this an indicator of the output of the crusher?  This indicator is out of date and not applicable if you consider impact crushers can process 150 tph from a 75mm down feedstock and a 20mm final product; there can’t be many crushers that can achieve these big outputs with smaller sizes?  

Let’s look at the facts about the end product. By fracturing rather than compressing, an impactor will always give you an angular product that can be essential to pass BS EN 933 – Part 3 Determination of Flakiness index. This is a certificate that is required for any concrete aggregate used in a commercial marketplace. With this angular product also comes the benefit of better compaction from your material when placed in-situ.
Another huge advantage to impacting is the ability to process high volumes in asphalt applications without blockages, and “dumping” that is too often experienced when trying to use a jaw. When a jaw dumps it contaminates the whole pile with oversize.

Applications include crushing glass to produce a sand this is often used as a CL 515 narrow filter drain material or a 2C Granular fill. This product can also be used as a subbase for permeable block paving.  Other applications include limestone, asphalt, concrete, C&D waste, waste transfer station inert materials, natural rock and ceramics to name a few.

With the benefits of high volumes through a RUBBLE MASTER impactor, it enables you to get your crusher into the most awkward of sites and still achieve those high tonnages that most demolition companies are looking for. With their excellent end product quality, unique crusher box design, unparalleled operation efficiency and service and maintenance simplicity, RUBBLE MASTER lead the way in impactors and plan to do so for the future.

Part of this future is the RUBBLE MASTER dealer for the UK and Ireland, Red Knight 6 Ltd (RK6), who saw the requirement for an impactor that suits the UK market. Like RUBBLE MASTER, RK6 believe in the ethos of specialising in providing its customers with extremely high performance machines. RK6 work with their customers to analyse their requirements and deliver the best solutions available for the equipment needs.

Peter Bennie Director Robert Jackson explained he had always been sceptical of smaller impact crushers believing they could not output and produce as efficiently as a large jaw crusher could when it came to producing large volumes of aggregates. The RUBBLE MASTER RM 90G0! was brought in to replace their old 44 Tonne Pegson XA400 jaw crusher. It is immediately apparent the RUBBLE MASTER impact crusher is exceeding its predecessor by producing a higher quantity quality of single sized material. This has increased the value of the finished product at around only 24 tonnes in weight. The RM 90G0! has clearly already made its mark in the Bennie operation, collectively earning itself the nickname of “Barney”.

Mr Jackson concluded by saying “I have been so impressed with the quantity and quality of the single sized material the RUBBLE MASTER machines produce, the addition of a RUBBLE MASTER machine has added extra value to our crushing fleet. I have to admit to being initially sceptical but the RUBBLE MASTER has convinced me to move away from the belief large jaw crushers are the answer to turning over high volumes of aggregates”.  

In conclusion, a RUBBLE MASTER can be a very versatile crusher that offers:
•    Low running costs, meaning savings for your business
•    A better product which means more profit
•    The ability to give better performance in a variety of applications.
•    Crushers that can operate in space restricted sites and still produce big outputs
•    Asphalt crushing without “dumping”
•    Capability in C&D waste with rebar or soft steel
•    Capability in processing small, single size end product
•    Protective mechanism for large objects
•    Machines available with on-board screen box and recirculation

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